Build Relationships

Building welcoming communities means getting to know the person who is working to get free, as well as understanding the technical and legal realities of what people in prison must go through in order to get free. This work is relational!

The Good Neighbor Project

This program of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC) connects free world individuals with people serving life or indiscriminately long sentences, with a goal of creating co-mentoring relationships. Learn more about the program in the AFSC newsletter and Progressive magazine.

Join A Freedom Team

Freedom Teams, sometimes known as defense committees, provide loving support and develop strategies towards freedom for people serving sentences in prison. Here are a few examples:


Parole and Commutation Volunteers help incarcerated people navigate the technical and legal realities they must face to get free. You can learn more about the parole and commutation process in Michigan by participating in workshops on the various processes and helping someone prepare their applications and/or “portfolio” towards release.