Every Sentence Has a Story

When you learn someone has spent decades—or longer—in prison, it’s tempting to judge them. But, each one of the 13,000 people in Michigan serving life or long-term sentences shares with us a common humanity.

How Prison Harms

Michigan’s prisoners serve longer sentences, on average, than all other prisoners across the nation. They are living proof that extreme punishment doesn’t work.

People serving life and long-term prison sentences are proven to age out of crime, but they’re trapped in a merciless system that doesn’t recognize growth. Meanwhile their families and communities suffer, robbed of vital connections and resources.

Healing is possible, even in the hardest circumstances. Redemption is possible for every person.

Let Me Tell You is a collection of first-person stories about the experience and impact of long imprisonment in Michigan.




Paintings by Theodora Moss

The Bible states “Your gift will place you in front of great Kings and Queens” Pov. 18:16         First, let me start with a brief history of myself. I've been incarcerated for 32 years and I’m an artist who can work with...

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