Education is one of the first steps away from punishment-based systems and towards racial and transformative justice. These books, creative talks and curricula will help you understand the history of the penal system and, more importantly, the harm caused by our current conditions of long-term confinement.

The Harm of Lifeand Long-Term Sentences

The Meaning of Life, by Marc Maurer and Ashley Nellis

A Little Piece of Light, by Donna Hylton

Locking up Our Own, by James Foreman

Caught, by Marie Gottschalk

Carceral Con, by Kay Whitlock and Nancy Heitzeg

Until We Reckon, by Danielle Sered

Transformative Justice


What is the Prison Industrial Complex? What is Abolition? by Critical Resistance

Are Prisons Obsolete? by Angela Y. Davis

What Abolitionists Do, by Dan Berger, Mariame Kaba, David Stein

Study and Struggle curriculum

NOTE: People on the inside must receive material through an approved vendor. We recommend, whenever possible, ordering materials from independent booksellers such as Schuler’s Books, which can ship to prisons, or Booksweet.