The Bible states “Your gift will place you in front of great Kings and Queens” Pov. 18:16

        First, let me start with a brief history of myself. I’ve been incarcerated for 32 years and I’m an artist who can work with different media such as graphite, color pencil, etc… for many years I’ve participated in the University of Michigan (PCAP) Annual Exhibition. This program has allowed many Michigan Prisoners to showcase their talents.

        One of the people that influenced my life was an individual named Raymond Gray. He taught me how to paint. (He was recently released after serving 48 years of confinement)

        Painting keeps me humble, and sharing this gift with others is a beautiful feeling. Painting has given me the ability of vision, self worth, and a sense of accomplishment.

        Raymond Gray has inspired me to never give up on trying to regain my freedom. Currently, The conviction Integrity Unit (Valerie Newman) is investigating my case. Getting to this point has been a difficult journey. The loss of loved ones, and family members who come in and out of my life has been taxing

In closing, if you knock, the door will be open

-Theodora Moss

Theodora Moss presenting her work to Governor Snyder.