Prison is designed to disconnect people from the rest of society. As we listen to their stories, we begin to heal those connections.

Here you will encounter challenging and sometimes difficult language and ideas: Please take care as you explore. We share it all in the spirit of broadening our collective understanding and envisioning a different future.

Change / Growth

My Rebuild by Jeff Hoaglin

Aggravated, Outraged, Bitter, Empty and Angry. Why? That was the 21-year-old me just sentenced to 25 to 50 years. Heartbroken for what I allowed myself to do. I could only be mad at myself and no one else. I was my own worst enemy. I disappointed my family,...

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Life in Prison

So Long by Edward T. Walton

I’ve been incarcerated for so long. I spent three years in the juvenile system and was sentenced to two natural life sentences, eight months after my release from juvenile. At 36 years of age, I’ve spent about 21 years of my life incarcerated. However, that’s not...

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By Women, Mental Health

One Day at a Time by Madge Matthews

While sentenced to life after being wrongfully convicted, all I can think of is getting out of prison. This thought consumes me. I have spent 10 years writing letters, asking for legal help with my case, to no avail. It’s hard to prove your innocence!  I cried...

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