Can I tell you about my prison experience while serving a life sentence? There is a lot that people do not understand about those doing time. I have done a lot of time while fighting hard for well deserved freedom. I have changed so much while doing time. I guess 28 years will change anyone, but I am talking about being changed for the better. I have changed into what society needs the most. I have the ability to help people. Prison life will break you in so many ways if you let it. It is easy to give in to all of the bad around you while living within these cold walls. However, hope and love are your best choices here. You have to better your mind first, because the body does nothing good when a bad mind leads it. You have to better yourself for all the right reasons too. I had to change because I cannot live as a failure, nor can I keep letting my family down. The most influential reasons for me are my mother and God. Women are worthy of so much, but how can you see that when you are focused on yourself. You can better yourself too, if you focus on the right things for the right reasons.

Besides self-improvement, my other focus here has been my freedom. I have tried a lot of ways to get free, and I am still not done. There have been so many motions, appeals, letters, and money that I could have invested in further educating myself on the things I have learned in prison. I knew I was worthy of freedom when I realized how many inmate’s lives I have touched, and have been blessed to be a part of. There are so many who need help, especially with holding on to the ones they love. Freedom looks good to me, and I can see it and smell it. I know that as a man, I am worthy of it more now than before. Once home, I plan to love and be there for my son and my younger family members. I want to show them that anyone can fall but it is all about how you get back up! You can do even better than before. To all of those in the free world, please never take your day and life for granted. Life is not promised to everyone and if you have been blessed enough to “breath” and “see” and “hear” then know your worth!

Thank you