My name Is Raymond L. Carr Jr., and I am an author of several books. It is my hope that we may start a working relationship. Let me start by sharing a little about myself. At one point in my life, I was a totally different person. I had been traumatized many times and was left angry, hurt, and alone. I was molested by an older cousin. My father abused my mother, and after they divorced my mother started abusing me. I started acting out to get back at them, but they paid me no attention.  I only ended up hurting myself.

In school I was placed in special education and diagnosed with dyslexia. But I was excellent at sports, and did both track and field and football. My outlook for getting a scholarship was good. But outside of school, I was associating with the wrong people. I thought that if I kept doing bad things, that my parents would have to step in eventually, but they never did. I ended up selling drugs, and eventually doing them myself.

While I was high and out of my mind, I decided to rob some people just to take their money. But I ended up taking a life as well. I never imagined that I was capable of such a thing under any condition. When I was sober, I realized what I had done and turned myself in. I got life without parole. I was 19.

It was clear to me then, that I had become a bad person, and needed to turn my life around. I sought and completed many programs. When I saw how valuable they were, I figured out how to start my own. Many prisoners have now completed those programs. I also became a Christian, and started my own ministry. In 2011, I discovered writing, and now write for the Detroit Native Sun. I have also written several books. If you would like to read my writing you can find me on Amazon and Facebook.

I work to galvanize the minds of our young people and encourage positive and productive behavior in meaningful ways. It is my hope that they can develop a moral character. I use my training in childhood development, Mediation, Youth development, leadership development, and grief counseling to help accomplish this.

On the road to redemption and transformation, was a process of finding myself. I discovered who I was by trying to be someone I wasn’t. I thank GOD for U-turns.

Peace & Blessings

Raymond L. Carr Jr.