Thoughts From A Man Sentenced As A Boy To Die In Prison 26 Years Later

Covid in prison is a death sentence

religion makes no difference

nor does repentance they simply don’t care

The masks we wear are cloth and made by prison factory workers

which have been proved to not be effective

Social distancing is neglected, I watched one person watch it and 

his cellmate left in the cell, later given another one

Days after he tested positive and the cycle continues

What’s on the menu? A recipe for disaster

I want a chance to go after my dreams and share laughter

happily ever after with those I love

Hug my nephews who I’ve yet to meet

Set my feet on terra firma

I’ve learned the very real ideals behind the minds that designed

these concrete caskets, for bastards unlearned

I’m firm in my stance, one chance is all I ask to be afforded,

as a man

I understand the actions of me as a child caused great grief, pain, anger, and heartache

And I’ve changed, become transformed by the renewing of my mind

Twenty six years in total is the time I’ve spent learning, since age 16

I have a dream, similar to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

that freedom will ring my doorbell

Allow me to sleep well at night awakening to my beautiful wife and children!


Black History Month Edition

We’re living in a world divided,

divided by race and class

Grasp if you will what it feels like to speak clearly

and not be heard

Words overlooked and not understood

My neighborhood was not my choice

What I saw as a child,

how I was interpreted as a child

How is perception punished, when was it designed?

My mind was made up for me

before me

And countless others

Again tore from the breast,

left emotionally naked and afraid

Forgave/forgiven by many

Including the parents of my victim

But the system,

the ones convicting,

Are sentencing us to death by way of prison

Listen, if you reposition slavery

this cell is what it was made to be

Faithfully speaking…I’m reaching

Bottom of all life supporting categories

Worst grade of food

Treatment less than that of a stray animal,

beyond rude and disrespectful

Imagine if you will,

not being told,

but shown

your life means nothing

and believing it

Allowing it to enter your spirit

How do you clear it? (the mind)

Who will hear my voice?

Acknowledge my choice to know

my life means everything

and reach for me? 

Find me included mentally, unconfined

Defined, not by my past

Unlimited in my potential

Endless in my pursuit of a chance

To live life


From Inside/Within

Dear Martin Luther King Jr.,

We still dreaming, some lost in it

But many who don’t even understand it,

we’re further behind because our minds

fail to comprehend unity

We can vote,

but coping seems to weight heavy on our hearts

hoping we pick the lesser of the two evils

Inconceivable, there are many ways in which we still suffer

We’re tough on each other

But can’t muster the courage to fight a system that continues to prove our lives have

no real value

I once was guilty of such

but the clutch of the beast

and the sinking of teeth into my flesh

was at best a wake up call

I haven’t seen it all,

but I’ve seen enough

Enough to share your dream

I mean, instead of water hoses we’re getting gunned down in the streets by those

entrusted to protect and serve

Plantations have transformed into prisons,

where we are housed in conditions inhumane, our names became numbers

Seperated from our families abused and mistreated badly

Most driven to insanity, drawing the conclusion that the illusion they create of freedom is just that!!!

In fact, so deplorable is our state ingornable has become normal

All of which I hate to inform you

Rest assured that those who have not been bought,

continue to teach and be taught by your walk

Grateful for your example!!!